Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cosequin for Cats Best Price

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Cosequin is the number one veterinarian-recommended joint-health supplement for cats. It effectively delivers joint-healing glucosamine and chondroitin without causing the unpleasant side-effects of some prescription medications.

Many older cats suffering from arthritis or stiffness feel the benefits of Cosequin within a few weeks, allowing them to regain their more youthful mobility and flexibility without pain.

Giving medicine to animals can be very trying for us and very stressful for them, but Cosequin is simply sprinkled on the cat's food and most cat owners report no problems with their cat's eating. Cosequin capsules are flavored with chicken and tuna and most cats love the taste.

Cosequin is also prescribed by vets in cases of urinary tract problems, which is a major issue for many cats. Cosequin helps improve the condition of the lining of the bladder, increasing resistance to urinary tract infections (UTIs). This function of Cosequin comes about because the bladder's inner protective lining contains similar compounds to the cartilage in joints. The form of chondroitin sulfate in Cosequin is readily available to both the bladder and the joints.

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